January 8th is National Winter Skin Relief Day!

Posted on 06 January 2020

January 8th is National Winter Skin Relief Day! To celebrate, we’re debunking three common winter skincare myths to help you prep your skin during this chilly season. 

Myth: Cloudier days mean you can ditch the sunscreen altogether.

Fact: A common winter skincare blunder is thinking that because it’s a cloudy day, one’s sun care routine can simply go out the window. But experts at Dermatology Associates, PC  advise that it’s even more imperative to use sunscreen in the wintertime because the sun is, in fact, closer to the earth than during warmer weather months. Without taking proper precautions, you leave your skin vulnerable harmful UVB rays (referred to as burning rays) that can cause some serious skin damage. 

Myth: Layering on heavy, cream-based moisturizers will be your skin’s saving grace. 

Fact: Adding layer upon layer of heavy creams to your skin traps dead cells in, leaving your skin looking duller than ever. Instead of slathering on the body butters right away, try prepping the skin with a moisture-rich serum like this one from Angie Watts, designed for dry skin and eczema sufferers. Follow up by adding on a layer of a cream-based moisturizer to keep the hydration locked in. 

Myth: Exfoliation is the key for softer, smoother skin during the winter months. 

Fact: While it may be a part of your typical skincare regimen, experts caution that exfoliating skin during colder seasons can cause more harm than good. Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Samer Jaber of Washington Square Dermatology asserts that during the winter season, it’s normal to exfoliate less. During the chilly winter season, you may find that your skin is a bit more sensitive to abrasion and prone to dryness.

The answer? A gentle facial steam may be better worth your time. Whether you make it a DIY night with your own essential oils, or you book a steam facial at your local spa, the benefits of facial steaming are numerous and proven to help rejuvenate your tired, winter-ravaged skin.

Are you a DC local? If you’re in the area, swing by our brick-and-mortar site and let us help you pamper your skin at our Skin + Steam Bar. We'll guide you through the process with a (well-deserved) self-indulgent pre-cleanse, followed by an herbal steam and moisturizing toner. To top it all off, we’ll end the experience with a hydrating oil and custom mask to keep your skin hydrated and luminous. You glow, girl.

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