"Teach Me How To Do It" Makeup Classes at Marjani

Posted on 24 May 2019

Struggling to get the perfect brow shape at home? Need a little help on how to properly wing your liner? Are your smokey eye looks a miss? The struggle is real but we're here to help and we have a solution.

Introducing our "Teach Me How To Do It" Series, group makeup lessons at Marjani. Starting in June you can learn makeup techniques, tips and tricks using your very own makeup at the Marjani store. Each class will be a night of fun with the girls to network, learn and master your makeup skills. Here's an overview of what to expect and how to register for upcoming classes.


Our first "Teach Me How To Do It" classes are:

  • June 12th - "That Glow" featuring techniques to get the perfect summer glow. 
  • June 26th - "All Browed Up" a class to master the perfect shape for your brows.


If you need new makeup or tools while you're there, feel free to shop before or after class starts! Plus, attendees will receive store credit for makeup purchases.* Terms and conditions apply for the promotion.

Don't delay registering for class. Each class has a limited number of seats to ensure everyone is able to follow along and make the most of the experience. Register today at or click here to join us!


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