Base Butter

In their early 20’s, founders She'Neil Johnson-Spence and Nicolette Graves began their unofficial skincare journey together to figure out why managing their oily skin and breakouts were such a struggle. They found themselves self-educating, actively piecing together information to create solutions for their own oily, combination, and acne prone skin. What they found surprised them—their skin care vanities, full of benzoyl peroxide, retinols and exfoliants, were actually doing more harm than good. Ultimately, all their skin needed was some TLC, and by trying to solve a problem for themselves, they ended up creating a solution for all.
BASE BUTTER is on a quest to redefine the perception of beauty and its impact on our relationship with our skin. They believe that when you put your best face forward it is the one you love and care for despite its imperfections. Their mission is to help make skincare easy, through easy to understand products, simple to follow routines and expert information that can be easily applied. The products are designed to nourish your skin, help you feel protected and comfortable in your skin—now that’s beautiful.

Base Butter

Radiate Face Jelly

$29.00 USD

Base Butter

Microfiber Facial Cleansing Cloth (3pc Set)

$12.00 USD

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