• I+I Botanicals- CBD Coffee Body Scrub
  • I+I Botanicals- CBD Coffee Body Scrub

I+I Botanicals

CBD Coffee Body Scrub

$40.00 USD




Energize & Exfoliate!

i+i CBD-Infused Coffee Body Scrub gently removes dead cells to reveal smoother, softer, more radiant skin. The unique formula of hemp-CBD, coffee, brown sugar, and essential oils leaves your body feeling energized, nourished, and renewed. The fair-trade Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee provides anti-inflammatory benefits and helps the skin retain moisture, all while providing the intoxicating scent of a lazy Sunday morning. This rich-foaming exfoliator will make you feel brand new, just like the first sip of your early morning latte.

(*Not available in Idaho, Iowa, or South Dakota)


Apply a generous amount to clean, damp skin and scrub in circular motions to exfoliate. Leave product on skin for 3-5 minutes before rinsing with warm water. For best results, repeat process 3 times per week. Shake well before use.

+ HEMP CBD OIL: Provides unsurpassable antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for skin + ETHIOPIAN COFFEE: Rich in antioxidants to protect from free radicals and irritants, restores the skin’s elasticity by hydrating and retaining moisture, and increases blood flow to aid in overall skin health + SHEA BUTTER: Nutrient-dense with fatty acids and vitamins, deeply moisturizes, and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles + COCONUT OIL: Reduces inflammation, moisturizes, and protects the skin from harmful bacteria + SEAWEED: When applied to the skin, Seaweed acts as a powerful purifier that draws out impurities and removes dead skin to provide a healthy, revitalized, and glowing appearance + SUNFLOWER SEED OIL: Tightens and firms skin for a smooth, soft appearance

Co-Founded by Selam Kelati, I+I Botanicals' ethos is "WE BELIEVE IN KINDNESS TOWARDS ONESELF AND OTHERS".

In Rastafarian culture, “I and I” represents “One Love” and is often used as the expression of the physical body being in oneness with the soul. “I” is interchangeable with “you,” symbolizing that the love we give to one another should be the same love we show to ourselves. i+i products are designed to be incorporated into the craziness of every-day life. No complicated instructions or multi-step regimens.As a consumer, it’s nearly impossible to know which ingredients are good for you and which ones we should avoid. How can you possibly find time to research every self-care bottle and brand you see on store shelves? Your day is busy enough. i+i has done their homework, so you don’t have to. They’ve taken it upon themselves to delve into each and every ingredient found in their products to ensure there are no harmful chemicals and toxins that come into contact with your body. Each formulation is intentionally designed with the very best ingredients — no harmful dyes or artificial fragrances!

Additionally, i+i aims to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. Their cardboard packaging materials are comprised of post-consumer waste materials and they encourage consumers to reuse or recycle the glass bottles after use. Whenever possible, plant-based, recycled, recyclable, bio-degradable and/or compostable materials are used. All ingredients are responsibly-sourced and our products do not contain any harmful chemicals that can be released into the air or water.


This is a must have for coffee lovers! After the first use, skin is feeling soft and your senses refreshed. We've noticed it has helped to clear the skin and prevent those stubborn back-ne issues with use 2-3x per week. Smooth skin without drying, this luxurious scrub is a must try.

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