Elements of Aliel

Like many brands, Elements of Aliel was born out of a need. For founder, LaKeisha Entsuah, the need arose when she became a mother. It changed everything in her life, including her skin. It had always been sensitive yet now, the things that used to work were no longer effective. As she searched for a solution she had two main criteria, first it had to be completely chemical free. The combination of sensitive skin and new motherhood meant anything with harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients were a definite no. Second, it had to be affordable. After months of trying brand after brand, she decided the best thing to do would be start from scratch and create her own products.

In celebration of the Ghanaian culture, many of the key ingredients in Elements of Aliel products are native to Ghana. However, the foundation in the culture goes beyond ingredients. It extends to how the brand operates and their greater mission.  Elements of Aliel is a family owned and operated business, and they believe in community as a part of the larger family. Their mission is to help their extended family (the community) see the importance of the connection between their skin and their overall health. The goal is to help the community simplify their beauty routine and improve their overall wellness.

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