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FLAUNT Body is not just another skincare brand. What sets FLAUNT Body apart is their focus on problem-solving and innovation for specific skin concerns. Founder Cameron Moore is creating products that:

Solve Common Gripes – Skincare solutions that hone in on specific skin concerns not typically addressed by conventional brands. 

Provide Inclusive Solutions – Developed for her/him/them. Formulations consider all skin and skin types, including sensitive skin and the complexities of transitioning skin concerns of transgender individuals.  

On-the-Move Skincare – Versatile and efficient products designed for fast-paced lifestyles to minimize skincare routines.
Additionally, Cameron has always had a passion for giving back. It was instilled in her at a young age by her parents. In her academic and professional experiences, she always found a way to volunteer. Now, she is honored to provide much needed financial support by donating 5% of her profits to organizations that disrupt and prevent human trafficking. In 2019, FLAUNT supported in Houston, TX.

Flaunt Body

Ingrown Hair Mask

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