• Felicia Leatherwood Original Detangling Brush
  • Felicia Leatherwood Original Detangling Brush

Brush With The Best

Felicia Leatherwood Original Detangling Brush

$17.99 USD


The Best Detangling Brush For Textured Hair

Because of the complexity, kinky hair has an unearned reputation as ‘unmanageable’. For this reason it makes it nearly impossible to find a good detangling brush for kinky hair. Hair discrimination left many naturalistas unable to find a curly hair detangler brush that does not cause pain and damage to their hair.

The Brush With The Best detangler brush was carefully crafted, from the grip its wide handle provides to the widely spaced flexi-bristles and flexible three-side bonded design. This makes it easy for users of any skill level to easily and painlessly remove knots from any texture of hair.

For Wavy, Curly and Kinky Coily Hair Types

From traveling and remaining in touch with her combined 450,000+ social media followers, Felicia noticed one common complaint -- particularly from women with kinky curly textures. The problem is that most detangling tools on the market painfully rip hair from the scalp, cause split ends or breakage as a result of being inflexible. Thus, the Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush was conceived.

After selling tens of thousands of brushes and hearing from thousands of women that rock their natural curls Felicia has done it again with the Detangler 2 along with a line of accessories and other products to keep your natural locks looking their best. From years of working with natural hairstyles and being an industry leader, Felicia knows what it takes and has the experience to keep your natural hair looking it's best. From tools and treatments to tutorials and guides, Felicia has you covered! Join her natural hair movement and brush with the best!

This revolutionary brush allows easy detangling of all hair types primarily due to its open ended flexibility along the top. While most brushes are bonded on all four sides, Leatherwood’s detangling sensation is only bonded on three! This enables its flexi-bristles to provide fluid movement, allowing the Detangle Brush to move with your hair. Perfect for natural curls or waves, this exceptional product prevents abrupt hair pulling and aids in preventing excess hair loss. The Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush is the ultimate hair solution in today’s natural hair market.

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