• Q-Redew Hair Steamer
  • Q-Redew Hair Steamer
  • Q-Redew Hair Steamer


Q-Redew Hair Steamer

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Deep Condition, Hydrate, Reshape and Detangle

The original Q-Redew™ is an easy-to-use handheld hair steamer designed to help you quickly refresh and restyle your hair. Use the Q-Redew™ to hydrate, reshape, detangle, stretch, deep condition, and add volume. The Q-Redew hair steamer is multi-purpose. The Q-Redew steam warms and softens the hair to enhance a deep conditioning session, detangle, stretch, refresh & restyle. The Q-Redew can be used on all hair textures however the intended goal will depend on hair texture ie tighter textures more often detangle and stretch. Where as those with a looser textures will find the value of steam to refresh & restore volume, and deep condition.

For Wavy, Curly and Kinky Coily Hair Types

The Q-Redew works by adding warm steam to the hair to warm and soften the hair -preparing it for detangling, styling, deep conditioning, refreshing. Fill the Q-Redew water reservoir with distilled water and heat in 30 seconds. A few passes over each strand is all your hair will require.

Where did the Q-Redew idea came from? Founder & Inventor Heidi needed a way to quickly and conveniently reshape her curls and increase volume and texture without saturating her hair with water. She wanted great second and third day hair without all the hassle because isn’t that what all of us curly girls want? Beautiful curly hair that is easier to shape and style. One cold and dry winter day she had a “eureka” moment! What if she could infuse just the ideal amount of steam to give her that perfect hair day – any day? What if she could use steam to her advantage to eliminate static ander reshape curls and do this quickly conveniently, and naturally?

Her journey began… she shared her original prototype with her friends and received an overwhelmingly positive response. This tool would save time and keep hair healthy and beautiful. Her husband Tom joined her in the development of the Q-Redew. After years of collaboration with professional engineers, designers, and quality manufacturers the the Q-Redew Handheld Steamer was launched. Women with 4C hair immediately embraced the Q-Redew and taught her so much about the hair care needs of coily, kinky, and textured hair to manage key business functions, including product development, strategy, and marketing, & fulfillment.

Whether you have straight hair, loose curls and waves, or kinky coils, the Q-Redew and Moisture Masque will be a welcomed addition to your styling routine.

Squalane and Aloe? Yes!

Squalane is botanically sourced, extract from plants. Boosts hydration, moisture and shine for hair that looks and feels healthier. Fortifies against breakage. Naturally increases circulation and is anti bacterial.

Aloe Vera is plant derived. Anti inflammatory, soothing treatment for scalp. Adds and retains moisture to hair.

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