Originated in the French Caribbean, Kadalys is the first eco-conscious beauty brand to upcycle banana agri-waste into patented organic actives exclusively developed to rejuvenate the skin and through its circular economy model gives back to the local community and to nature.

This pioneering approach is just one of the reasons why Kadalys stands out in the crowded cosmetics industry. With its award-winning transformative skincare and its forward-thinking vision of sustainability, this is an active beauty brand that is making a real difference. It goes beyond the trend of clean organic beauty to combine the power of nature’s curative properties with the results-driven efficiency of advanced science. In creating her pioneering skincare, Founder Shirley Billot delivers on her belief that you should not have to choose between doing the right thing and getting the best results.

The story of Kadalys began in Shirley’s native Martinique with a quest for a traditional remedy to treat and help care for her young son’s sensitive skin. The recommended Caribbean cure centred on the banana tree plant, well-known in the islands as one of nature’s most valuable sources of healing and rejuvenating ingredients. Armed with this knowledge and a passion for plant research and science, the first stage in the creation of Kadalys began in a laboratory. This led to the development of revolutionary bio-active ingredients extracted by green chemistry from the green, yellow and pink banana plants that are the foundation of the Kadalys collection.

These scientific studies clearly demonstrated the role of the precious banana molecules in preserving the skin’s youthfulness with their superior levels of antioxidants including Phytosterols, Polyphenols and Tocopherols (vitamin E). Kadalys pioneering research discovered the untapped potential of the banana’s active properties when combined with advanced green science. The resulting ingredients are bio-actives that are 100% natural and without GMOs, allergens, preservatives, or polluting toxic substances. Born in Djibouti, Shirley grew up between East Africa and the Caribbean before moving to France. Shirley Billot created Kadalys to marry her desire to promote the virtues of her Creole heritage and the Banana Tree with her passion for plant research.


Organic Comforting Facial Cream

$37.00 USD


Organic Cleansing Gel

$33.00 USD


Radiance Precious Face Oil

$39.50 USD


Organic Pure Melt Cleansing Gel Oil

$40.50 USD


Exfoliating Peel

$46.50 USD

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