Melayci Cosmetics

Much more than just a cosmetic brand, Melayci is an inspirational brand for everyday life. They encourage, motivate and reassure self-assertion, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-confidence, pride in one's roots, culture and heritage. They are convinced that beauty starts here.

Melayci was born by founder Kelly Carmen Njike in October 2019 thanks to the power of the community. It was in this year, great awareness about her identity emerged. An awareness mainly encouraged by social networks where more and more black women (often American) took a stand & expressed themselves in "nappy hair" which means "happy with my natural hair", she then decided to cut all of her relaxed hair and leave room for her natural hair. In doing this, she finally realised that what she had been missing all this time and what may be missing on a larger scale is the representation of black women including all types of hair, skin colour, morphology, women who looked like her, proud of their identity and who show confidence, women who inspire her and whom she could identify with especially in France.

Kelly would like to see more black, mixed-race and darker women proud of their authentic beauty. It is an individual beauty, unique to each person. This is where the definition of beauty takes on its full meaning: self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-confidence & pride...Beauty starts here!

Melayci Cosmetics

Silky Velvet Lipstick

$28.00 USD

Melayci Cosmetics

Velvet Lip Pencil

$18.00 USD

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