Nebedai Skincare

Founder Safi Tshinsele-Van Bellingen is from the DR Congo and Rwanda, raised between Europe and Africa and now based in Dakar, Senegal. Her unique upbringing, experiencing different cultures from a young age, organically led her to entrepreneurship. She launched Nebedai in January 2019, following her aspiration to disrupt the beauty industry by using innovative and powerful plants. Safi earned her Master degree in Media studies and sociology from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, in 2014.

Nebedai means 'never die' in Wolof [a language of Senegal]. The name is given for the Moringa plant, believed to hold exceptional healing properties for all parts of the body. Nebedai Skincare realized that skincare would be more efficient by using natural ingredients combined with laboratory innovation. Nebedai Skincare doesn't believe in using harmful and harsh chemicals to improve the scent or color of a product. Instead Nebedai was born to boost your beauty routine and create essential skincare products. They've decided to capture the properties of powerful plants mainly found in Africa and incorporated them into their products to share the most effective skin solutions with you. Their beauty products bring you confidence as you glow inside and out.

Safi works with trusted laboratory experts in developing formulas using mainly natural ingredients. Each product takes time to create as it undergoes many trials and efficacy tests to come up with a formulation with quality and distinctive properties. This facial oil is for you if you suffer from dry and dull skin. You have dark spots due to pimples scars. You have an uneven skin tone and/or dark circles. You want smoother skin and/or less defined wrinkles. You're looking for a light daily face oil.


Nebedai Skincare

Glow Divin Moringa Face Oil

$30.00 USD

Nebedai Skincare

Divine Moringa Cleansing Oil

$36.00 USD

Nebedai Skincare

Divine Night Spot Treatment

$28.00 USD

Nebedai Skincare

The Divine Moringa TRIO

$85.00 USD

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