New Village Braid

An advocate for healthy hair braiding and sustainable beauty, Nkonye is the founder of New Village Braid, provider of sustainable braiding hair extensions. With over 15 years of experience developing products and global business strategies for leading fashion retailers, she brings a discerning perspective to the hair and beauty space.

When it comes to what we buy, why we buy, how we use it, and how we dispose of it, Nkonye strongly believes that the way we consume products have a definitive impact on our planet. This is what led to her establishing New Village Braid’s non-toxic braiding hair and hair recycling services to offset the ecological footprint we leave behind. Nkonye loves spending time connecting with people and sharing experiences.

When she is not working on New Village Braid or consulting emerging brands on strategic growth, you can find her braiding hair, exploring new cuisines, or adventuring to a new travel destination.

New Village Braid

26" Eco Braiding Hair

$7.49 USD

New Village Braid

20" Eco, Non-Toxic Braiding Hair

$6.99 USD

New Village Braid

28" Eco, Non-Toxic Braiding Hair

$7.99 USD

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