Muriel Berradia- Nuhanciam


Nuhanciam understands the needs of medium to darker skin tones and strives to ensure they provide us with superior products of excellent quality and effectiveness.

In spite of her passion for and knowledge of cosmetics, Muriel Berradia, a woman of Indian origin, had never found high-quality products that would meet the very specific needs of her skin or offer the effectiveness and safety she was looking for. Muriel partnered with a creative chemist and formulator, Jocelyn Bariteau, whose dream was to formulate cosmetic products that give priority to the choice and concentration of active ingredients in order to ensure real effectiveness, high quality and optimal safety.

Sharing the same values and driven by their beliefs, determination and hopes, they succeeded in combining their complementary expertise and created Nuhanciam: cosmetic excellence for tan to dark skin tones, founded in January 2011.

NUHANCIAM focuses its research on understanding the causes of and reducing and correcting pigmentation spots, evening out the complexion and enhancing skin radiance in phototypes III (slightly dark skin), IV (dark skin), V (brown skin) and VI (brown or black skin), as well as on preventing the appearance of new spots.

NUHANCIAM formulates all of its products by taking into account all of the specific needs of darker skin types: thicker corneum stratum, surface irregularities (presence of squamae on very dry skin or excess sebum on oily skin), fragile, delicate and extremely reactive skin to environmental factors. Using revolutionary active ingredients with outstanding technological effectiveness, the products contain more than 92% of natural ingredients. All products are 100% made in France and tested under strict dermatological controls to monitor and ensure only the best.


Pure Radiance Hydrating Cream

$40.00 USD

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