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Shay Paresh’s years working in media taught her a number of things. The most obvious was that melanin-rich skin was being underserved. Even though the beauty industry is a nearly 500 billion dollar market, many of its most commanding brands ignore the needs of deep and dark complexions from formulations to marketing.


After a lifetime of acne scars and hyperpigmentation, this added insult to injury for Shay. It confirmed that her years of struggle were actually caused by an industry-wide oversight. In fact, the real problem was that no one was making products for her. SHAYDE BEAUTY was born to serve this market and create skincare with melanin in mind.

Skin of color has a sensitivity to inflammation which can result in dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Shayde beauty has developed a product line that addresses these unique skin needs by utilizing scientifically proven ingredients.

Shayde Beauty

Brightening Serum w/ Vitamin C & Kojic Acid

$58.00 USD

Shayde Beauty

RESET Luxe Night Cream

$62.00 USD

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