• I+I Botanicals- Bath Tea Blends (3-pack)

I+I Botanicals

Bath Tea Blends (3-pack)

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Relax & Unwind!

i+i Infused Bath Teas are expertly blended to create unique soaking experiences. Each blend enhances the natural healing associated with warm salt baths by combining the therapeutic benefits of CBD and distinct botanicals and essential oils.

Calm + Collected
The Calm + Collected blend naturally moisturizes and softens the skin, while providing the ultimate relaxation. Kick off your shoes, pour yourself a glass of wine, and enjoy a long soak to take your mind off the Sunday scaries. Breathe in serenity and breathe out stress while the scent of Lavender calms both the body and the mind.

Happy + Healthy
The Happy + Healthy blend combines the power of CBD and Eucalyptus, both known to ease muscle aches and pains — perfect for a long soak after a killer power yoga class. The scent of Eucalyptus essential oil awakens the senses, offering soothing relief to the body as you unleash your inner zen.

Fresh + Fierce
The Fresh + Fierce blend utilizes the stress-relieving, inflammation-reducing effects of Grapefruit Oil and CBD to help you feel on top of the world from the comfort of your tub. The scent of citrus and rose buds will energize the body and rejuvenate the soul, so you can conquer the week like a boss.

(*Not available in Idaho, Iowa, or South Dakota)

Remove bath tea from package and steep in warm bath.

+ LAVENDER BLEND: Dead Sea Salt infused with Lavender Essential Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Dried Lavender, Dried Chamomile, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Extract, Colloidal Oatmeal Powder

+ EUCALYTPUS BLEND: Dead Sea Salt infused with Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Dried Calendula Flower, Dried Elderflower, Jasmine Leaves, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Extract, Colloidal Oatmeal Powder

+ GRAPEFRUIT BLEND: Dead Sea Salt infused with Grapefruit Essential Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Dried Lemon Peels, Dried Rose Buds, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Extract, Colloidal Oatmeal Powder

Co-Founded by Selam Kelati, I+I Botanicals' ethos is "WE BELIEVE IN KINDNESS TOWARDS ONESELF AND OTHERS".

In Rastafarian culture, “I and I” represents “One Love” and is often used as the expression of the physical body being in oneness with the soul. “I” is interchangeable with “you,” symbolizing that the love we give to one another should be the same love we show to ourselves. i+i products are designed to be incorporated into the craziness of every-day life. No complicated instructions or multi-step regimens.As a consumer, it’s nearly impossible to know which ingredients are good for you and which ones we should avoid. How can you possibly find time to research every self-care bottle and brand you see on store shelves? Your day is busy enough. i+i has done their homework, so you don’t have to. They’ve taken it upon themselves to delve into each and every ingredient found in their products to ensure there are no harmful chemicals and toxins that come into contact with your body. Each formulation is intentionally designed with the very best ingredients — no harmful dyes or artificial fragrances!

Additionally, i+i aims to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. Their cardboard packaging materials are comprised of post-consumer waste materials and they encourage consumers to reuse or recycle the glass bottles after use. Whenever possible, plant-based, recycled, recyclable, bio-degradable and/or compostable materials are used. All ingredients are responsibly-sourced and our products do not contain any harmful chemicals that can be released into the air or water.


The perfect way to end a long day. The scents are amazing. For just a moment you will forget about your worries and remember the days of handshakes, hugs and happy hours.

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