• Soy + Coconut Candle
  • Soy + Coconut Candle
  • Soy + Coconut Candle
  • Soy + Coconut Candle
  • Soy + Coconut Candle
  • Soy + Coconut Candle
  • Soy + Coconut Candle

Satya + Sage

Soy + Coconut Candle

$29.00 USD




Express Your Mind and Your Mood

Light your Satya + Sage candle with the intention to offer yourself relaxation and tranquility. As you light it, feel yourself unwind and unravel into a space of ease. Each candle comes with a specific intention, in a reusable recycled glass jar.

Scent Profiles:
Blessed- FRESH/HERBACEOUS: A bright aura of peppermint is paired with the calming incense of eucalyptus and rosemary, infusing the atmosphere with the essence of life and gratitude. Rich hints of thyme, light cedar wood rise to cradle these opening notes.

Healer- EARTHY: Ground your space and return to center on the rolling hills of a woody, mystical perfume. The Healer candle invokes the spirit of Mother Earth and expressions of gratitude through earthy hints of bergamot, vanilla and musk.

Goddess- FLORAL: A high-vibe mix of citrus and roses lifts the spirit and the mood. Composed to celebrate the Goddess within, this lively candle reveals further hints of bergamot, orange and grapefruit, expanding to a palette of fresh florals and greens.

Infusion of essential oils with phthalate-free, premium grade fragrance oils

Trim the wick before lighting, keeping debris out of wax pool. Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time. Let wax harden before relighting, touching, moving or covering with lid. 

100% vegetable and coconut wax candle

Satya + Sage is a self-care inspired line of handmade, eco-friendly candles and home fragrance products. Their aromas are formulated to remind you to slow down, uplift yourself, and create your own sacred space.

From high-vibe citrus blends to feminine floral bouquets, they carefully select notes that will fill your home with tranquility, positivity, and grounding energy. Satya + Sage believes creating sacred spaces and taking time for yourself is an important act of self-care, and their mission is to encourage this through each product they produce. They feel strongly about their impact on the planet. A tree will be planted with each purchase.

Founder Son-ja Haile explains her process, "Each Satya + Sage candle is hand-poured with fragrances blended in small batches. Candles are smudged with sage before pouring, then smudged once again with Palo Santo after they’ve cured—capturing good vibes just for you. Each essential oil blend is carefully created and takes time to develop. One drop more (or less) of one oil can make a difference in the entire blend. Each candle or essential oil blend begins with special scent: one from a memory, a place I've traveled, or simply a scent that comes to me when I wake up. Once I identify the main fragrance, I build upon that to create the vibe I envision the fragrance evoking."

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