Everyone thinks that they know you, but let’s be real - 3 new shades in a 30-shade foundation line is hardly a gift. We know better.

At Marjani, we’re about real brown girl beauty.

All of the products you see on our site are carefully curated to meet you exactly where you are. Our master brown girl beauty curators recognize and respect melanin. We know what skincare solutions will suit you and what colors will pop on your lips. We’re just as picky about our selections as you are about your purchases.

For those seeking our approval or even just a clue, these are the rules:




Be for Real
If you’re not for us, you’re against us. Authentic brown beauty is a mountain we’re about to conquer. We love brands that are real about taking the climb with us. If your beauty mission is to serve us and your actions match that, we’re fans already.

Be Effective
Our vetting process focuses on potential brand partners that (1) not only make products for women of color, but share our passion for moving the beauty needle forward and dismantling the traditional standards of beauty (2) produce quality products and (3) are independently owned.

    Be Bold
    We’re breaking the mold of beautiful over here. Our girls are rocking boat orange lips on chocolate skin and flaunting the most golden contours you’ve ever seen. At Marjani, we define beauty’s possibility. If you’re in the family of beauty standard challengers, come sign up.

    Be Original
    We’re not too keen on mainstream. We love independently-owned brands and ones that are setting their own trends, not following them. If we see you in the same place we buy our toilet paper, we’re probably not a match. Put us onto something new, sophisticated and most importantly - beautiful.
      Marjani is more than retail, it is an experience. This is a beauty destination for brown girls by a brown girl. One size fits all beauty is now a thing of the past!

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