• Cupuacu + Kokum Butter
  • Cupuacu + Kokum Butter
  • Cupuacu + Kokum Butter
  • Cupuacu + Kokum Butter

Oemi Botanicals

Cupuacu + Kokum Butter

$28.00 USD


Goodbye to Dry, Brittle Twists

This handmade combination whipped butter is great for creating shiny, fluffy, and defined twist-outs without leaving hair greasy or weighed down. Oemi team tested, day 1 ready to wear hair. A little goes a long way, each 4 oz jar yields 12-14 applications.

For Kinky Coily Hair Types. Great for twist-outs, braid-outs, and protective styles. Great for skin, too!

1. Rub product in hands to melt (a little goes a long way). On sectioned wet hair, apply a nickel-sized amount from ends to roots after your leave-in conditioner.

2. On sectioned dry hair, apply a dime-sized amount after spritzing strands with water to seal in moisture at night.

Note: this product may liquefy while in transit, during the summer months because it was created with 100% natural ingredients. We do not use fillers, stabilizers or synthetic preservatives. To return to original consistency, cool in refrigerator or in room 75 degrees F (24 degrees C) or below.

cupuaçu butter, kokum butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil○, baobab oil+, argan oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, rosemary leaf extract, beeswax, aloe vera gel, fermented radish root, basil and bergamot essence.

In 2011 when founder Allison Kaye went natural, finding products that worked for her type 4 coils was a challenge. Most natural hair curly products were designed to work with all curl patterns, but left her hair dry, flat, or rigid. The products that did work claimed to be natural, but when looking at the ingredients they fell short. Fed up with the fake, she started making her own natural products at home, and have been perfecting her craft for over 7 years. Type 4 curlies deserve 100% natural non-toxic haircare solutions for soft, luscious curls without compromising nutrition and product purity. Her goal is to take what the food industry did for clean eating, and transform natural haircare. Let’s transform natural haircare together, and transition 2.0!

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