Exfoliating Body Mesh

$15.00 USD




SCRUB Yourself SEXY!

Talk about a magical bath cloth...The unique texture of the mesh will clean and exfoliate your skin like no other. Open it up to reach your back with ease. Just use with soap or shower gel and massage over body. The result? Lather for days and soft smooth skin. It gets better with every use. You will thank us later.

Textured surface
Large size can scrub your back (Length stretches up to 50”)
Long lasting
100% Nylon
Hand cut with LUV

Wet an apply your body wash or soap. Experience the lather. Massage over body. Rinse and air dry. Use daily or as needed.

100% Nylon

LUV SCRUB has been used in West Africa for generations. Founder Caroline Owusu-Ansah's mother introduced it to her when she was about 5 years old. She said “here”. It is just what you use growing up. You don’t ask questions. Growing up she noticed that her friends were using other tools and never understood why...

Her best friend borrowed her exfoliating mesh back in 2001 without permission, lol. Next thing she knew she was begging her parents to bring her friend one on their next trip to Ghana. Her parents happily obliged. Not only was she using it, her husband and her sister were using it too!

It never clicked back then that it could be a business. That all changed in 2011 when new friends complimented Caroline on her skin. She mentioned what she used and they suggested turning it into a business.

With her background in Retail Merchandising and Branding, she knew this was the right thing to do. Immediately it was received by everyone. People LOVE it. It answered everyone's prayers. She's amazed everyday of what things this mesh can do.

Scrub yourself sexy! That is the tagline for the Luv Scrub's mesh body exfoliator. Well, there is no lie being told. I started using the mesh almost two years ago. Way before it hit our shelves. And my body, especially my back, has been thanking me every since. So let's get personal, my back has always been a problem area...back-ne, uneven texture, dark marks, you name it...ughhh. But this product truly exfoliates and helps me to deep clean like no other, leaving my back (and the rest of my body) feeling smooth like butter.

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