• The Glamatory- Luxe Lashes
  • The Glamatory- Luxe Lashes
  • The Glamatory- Luxe Lashes
  • The Glamatory- Luxe Lashes

The Glamatory

Luxe Lashes

$12.00 USD $15.00 USD


Eye-catching, Glamorous Faux Lashes

Glamorous dimensional faux mink strip eyelashes. Durable and Reusable. Suggested Use 10-15 wears.

Remove the lashes from its housing container. Measure the bride of the faux lash against the length of your actual lash line. Cut the excess false lash portion that extends over the outer corner of your natural eye shape. Always cut a smaller portion first, then …. To preserve the lash, please cut the overage of the false lash from the outer corner versus the inner corner. Apply your favorite lash adhesive to the bridge of the lash. Add extra lash glue on each end of the false lash for long-lasting hold. Let the lash adhesive dry for 30 seconds before positioning the faux lash on your lash line. After 30 seconds, the lash glue should be tacky. Using a pair of tweezers, a false eyelash tool, or your fingers, apply the luxe lash as close to your lash line as possible. Manipulate the faux lash till it is positioned to your liking. When you are satisfied with the placement of the lash, let the lash dry for 2-3 minutes before applying the rest of your eye makeup. Lightly apply your favorite marjani mascara to blend your real lashes with the faux lash (optional).

Faux Mink - Cruelty Free

Having over 11 years of experience, Mimi J. has built a great reputation in the beauty world and is a sought-after makeup artist and entrepreneur. She's worked on popular television shows on networks such as Bravo and VH1, serviced celebrity clientele including Angela Simmons and Kenya Moore, and has been published in magazines/blogs such as Essence, E! News and Instyle.

As a beauty entrepreneur, Mimi is the owner of The Glamatory in Smyrna, GA and is the creator of Mimi's goal is to create a beauty brand inclusive of beautiful colors for all skin tones, and great quality at affordable prices. She also wants the brand to represent women and girls who work hard, while embracing their unique beauty

If you love eye-catching, glamorous lashes, then the Glamatory Luxe Lash will give you exactly what you need and more. The “Stunna” Luxe Lash style is a mix between the popular demi wispy and an individual volume set. The criss-cross stitching provides easy blending and some additional mass for the full volume lovers. Don’t throw out the box! With 10-15 wears, this faux lash can be safely stored in its G-container for traveling or at home preservation.

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