• Luxe Makeup Brushes
  • Luxe Makeup Brushes
  • Luxe Makeup Brushes
  • Luxe Makeup Brushes
  • Luxe Makeup Brushes
  • Luxe Makeup Brushes

By Joy Adenuga

Luxe Makeup Brushes

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It's All About The Tools

Award-winning Brush collection that has multi-functionality imbedded into its DNA. Formulated with high-grade synthetic hair that is 100% vegan and cruelty free. Designed with ombre grey tips, with a modern black gloss shimmer coated wooden handle that allows for accurate makeup application. All brushes are designed for everyone and perfect for every skill level.

All brushes are 100% vegan with high-grade synthetic hair featuring ombre grey tips for a modern look. The brush handle is black with gloss shimmer coated wood and shaped with accurate application in mind.

001 Big Mama - The biggest brush in the range. Can be used as an all over face and body powder, setting powder, blush, face bronzer, body bronzer, and more. Designed to be used with cream, liquid and powder formulations.

002 Hey Guys – Designed for liquid and cream applications - moisturizers, primers, Foundation, cream blushes and bronzers. The beauty of the brush? It can be used to build full coverage foundations and sheer out foundations.

003 Gotta Blend - Designed for multi-use applications. Apply foundations, concealers, set with powders, contouring, highlighting, blush and more. Designed to apply cream, liquid and powder formulations.

004 Booked & Busy – Another multi-use masterpiece. The shape is designed for the perfect contour and fits nicely under the eyes as well.

005 Little Mama – Small but mighty. Also designed to be used across cream, liquid and powder formulations. Perfect for setting under the eyes, applying highlighters and cream blushes. The shape is also perfect for contouring.

100% Vegan with High-grade Synthetic Hair

Created by Joy Adenuga, Pro Makeup Artist, Expert & Educator with over a decade of experience in the industry.

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