• Dehiya Beauty- Mihakka (Beauty Exfoliator)
  • Mihakka (Beauty Exfoliator) - Marjani
  • Mihakka (Beauty Exfoliator) - Marjani

Dehiya Beauty

Mihakka (Beauty Exfoliator)

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Deep Pink

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The Beauty Tool You Need Now!

The Dehiya Mihakkas are handcrafted of terra-cotta and covered with virgin wool, dyed with natural pigments extracted from the flowers and clay indigenous to the Atlas Mountains. Handmade and dyed in Marrakech, Morocco.

It is a perfect addition to your skincare ritual for extra exfoliation with your Alia Deep Cleanser. Can be used on the face, body and feet.


Wet the flat surface of the Mihakka then apply Alia Deep Cleanser or a cleanser of your choice. Holding the tool flat against the face, cleanse in circular motions, applying light pressure for the desired exfoliation.

After use, your Mihakka should be rinsed thoroughly and laid on its side to dry (flat surface facing upwards). Your Mihakka should be sanitized 1-2x/month. You can boil it on a simmer for 90 seconds.

Handmade and dyed in Marrakech, Morroco at a local women-owned co-op.


Colors may vary depending on plant dyes available. Each Mihakka is unique and variations may occur.

Living in Italy the past few years, founder Mia Chae Reddy, PhD., got to experience beauty in new ways. The laissez faire attitude of French women, clean minimal approach of Scandi women & the colorful but simple beauty of Italian women was totally inspiring. The natural, home remedies and time-tested beauty secrets of women across the pond felt validating.

And then there was Morocco. Morocco blew her mind. She met an herbalist there whose pharmacy has been in his family for over a century. She fell in love with the way their beauty rituals were closely connected to the land and nature. So simple yet so advanced. 1,200 year-old beauty rituals imbued with simplicity.

Witnessing the pared-down routines of other women around the world was refreshing. She knew there had to be other women back home who felt like her: women who loved the idea of a luxuriously complicated regimen but secretly desired one that is every bit effortless as it is powerful. There is just something really alluring about reaching the final result in like, 7. less. steps.

So, out of her love for time-tested Moroccan beauty rituals, sexy French girls who splash rose water on their faces and go and her desire to uncomplicate her beauty ritual, Dehiya Beauty was born. It's a nod to grandma's multi-tasking creams, a conjuring of ancestral beauty secrets and a return to simple beauty. Hope you find it as liberating as we do.

This beauty tool will have you thinking it was personally made for your face. The flat side smooths across your forehead & cheeks with a gentle exfoliating affect, and the rounded edge fits perfectly along the edges of your nostrils and brow bones. You can apply as much or as little pressure as you desire. The results: smooth skin and a brighter complexion. If you are looking for a physical exfoliator that is gentle and not abrasive on your skin, this is it!

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